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Tax Services

What if tax preparation was streamlined, organized, and easier than ever? Contact our team to review your situation.

For individuals

Individuals, families, business owners and entrepreneurs need personal guidance to stay on top of tax filings and advice. Work with our team to accurately complete your tax filings and receive guidance related to major financial decisions.

For companies

Your financial back office with full fractional CFO services including helping startups or mature businesses fine tune payroll, bookkeeping, tax filings, benefits, and strategy. Work with us for tax prep and filing or go deeper with our additional services for the most optimal, simplified experience.

Our Services

Tax Prep & Filing

We prepare your personal and business tax returns and ensure they are filed on time taking into account all appropriate credits and deductions.

Tax Advisory

The best time to plan for taxes is prior to a major asset, property, investment, or business sale. Our team will calculate the tax implications so you know what to expect.

Payroll & Bookkeeping

Our years of experience as business owners ourselves has helped us find the most optimal payroll and bookkeeping software for startups and small businesses. We will help you get set up and operate ongoing with simple, easy to manage tools.

Fractional CFO

Our team will help you operate your startup or small business through our customized process. We provide bookkeeping, payroll, filings, budgeting, and cash flow management guidance, forecasting, and consulting to you and your team.

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  • The Crucial Role of a Tax Pro in Starting Your Business

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    The Crucial Role of a Tax Pro in Starting Your Business

    Starting a business is an exhilarating journey filled with dreams of success and financial independence. While entrepreneurs often focus on developing innovative ideas and effective business strategies, the importance of working with a tax professional is frequently underestimated. In this blog post, […]

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  • Strategic Partnership Update

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    Strategic Partnership Update

    We are excited to be a part of the Wendell Charles family of companies and look forward to providing tax guidance to our existing Wealth and Insurance clientele through our sister companies and strategic partners. Wendell Charles Wealth Management was founded in […]

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  • Welcome to Wendell Charles Tax & Accounting!

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    Welcome to Wendell Charles Tax & Accounting!

    As the founder of Wendell Charles Ventures which includes Wealth Management, Property & Casualty Insurance, and other financial related services and projects, I’m excited to finally bring Wendell Charles Tax & Accounting to our incredible clients! After many years of referring out […]

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